Have your HVAC system regularly maintained.

Think about it: all the air that you breathe indoors is circulated by your HVAC
system. To improve air quality, it’s essential that your HVAC equipment be
regularly inspected and tuned up so that it’s working properly.

When you took that big step and became home-owners you probably thought a lot about all the decorations you would add to the house to make it feel like home, the bbq’s you would host in the backyard, the birthday parties you’d plan, and the memories you’d make in the process. You probably didn’t think much about maintenance or your heating and air conditioning unit. However, over time, you’ve probably realized that they require a lot of attention. Your home’s air quality is directly affected by your heating and air conditioning unit.

First things first, you always want to keep your heating and air condition unit properly cleaned and maintained.

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